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Numero premiado del cupon 11 del 11 de la once

You have to approach the once agent and ask for 7/39, in Spanish.
5 plus second place, is not won, the prize is carried forward to the next week.X 3 triplica:- * This may have been sold out and is out of print * This scratchcard costs 2euro.The first, or special prize, is given for selecting the first 14 results correct, plus the 15th match.This is a Sunday lottery and costs.50 euro.If you reveal the same destination in each section, you win the amount shown.
The bottom half of the card has two sections, one section called tus destinos showing pictures of 8 locations around the world, the other called destinos ganadores showing 3 star or compass type shapes.
Mark all selections with a cross in the boxes provided.
This printed ticket can be used for successive weeks by handing it to the once seller for re-processing.
LA rueda DE LA fortuna:- * This may have been sold out and is out of print * This scratchcard costs 3 euro.
If one or more the numbers revealed in the parcels is the same as any of the numbers revealed in the coins, you win the amount shown alongside the numbers in the parcels.
The lottery office will accept the forms from Monday of that week, with the result available after the horse race on Sunday.
The prize will be between 2euro and 100,000euro.The object of this game is to select which 11 numbers, of the 80 numbers in section 2, will be drawn by once.Then scratch the four leaf clovers in the bottom section.The prize money for 5, 6, or 7 numbers being correctly codigo promocional hoteles barcelo selected is determined by the amount of money taken for that day.Sueldo DE TU vida:- This scratchcard costs 3euro.Euro jackpot :- This lottery is a joint venture between Germany, Italy, Holland, and some Scandinavian countries, and should not be confused with the Euromillions lottery, even though they are very similar in look and completion.This applies to all lotteries and scratchcards.Below these are the words Tus Numeros, which are above 10 red parcels.The object of this lottery is to correctly select 7 numbers drawn from numbers 1.The right hand side has on it, pictures of roulette chips, dice, and playing cards.However, it is common for ticket sellers to know their customers, and will sell tickets to the under-aged.If you reveal 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 numbers the same you win according to how many are the same.This is a large card mainly red and green.

If amongst these numbers, there isnt a 7, the ticket has won nothing at all.
You can have your selection for both days, this will cost 2 euro each selection.
FIN DE semana :- Saturday and Sunday 2 euro; a small mainly white ticket with picture in the centre, and the green and yellow logo of once.